Timberline Powder Tours is a local Canadian company based in Banff National Park, Canada. Our focus is to deliver incredible ski expeditions that maximize guest experience and provide a uniquely Western Canadian experience. We are local, knowledgeable and ready to guide you through our home in the Canadian Rockies. 


Timberline Powder Tours deliver hassle-free, highly customizable and thoughtful ski trips throughout the Canadian Rockies. Our focus is on quality and not quantity.


24/7 Chauffer Driven 4x4 Luxury Vehicles at your doorstep.


You take care of your flights, we take care of the rest.


Flexible but structured tour to make the most out of your holiday time.


Two evenings included and our knowledge on the best restaurants all other nights.


Seasoned locals know the best spots based on weather and snowfall. This will have you making the most out of any conditions. 


Have all your questions answered by our knowledgeable team members anytime. Need assistance we’re here.


Exclusive discounts on retail and rentals with our partner network.


With one host for every four guests at a maximum, our incredible team will be there to ensure your holiday is one to remember. 


4+ star hotels with high-end amenities, luxury vehicles and only five seats allocated per seven seater being utilized, comfort is built into this holiday.


Timberline Powder Tours


Timberline Powder Tours

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Timberline Powder Tours




James is a year-round outdoor adventure enthusiast. When he isn’t guiding, he operates an outdoor adventure school, bringing both domestic and international students into Banff National park to become ski/snowboard instructors, canoe/raft guides and mountain guides. James spends his summer guiding river expeditions in the Canadian Arctic.


Gina originates from Cambridge Ontario but has called the Canadian Rocky mountains her home for the past seven years. She loves the great outdoors, spending the summer months hiking and her winters skiing. For the past three years, Gina has worked guiding sightseeing and hiking tours in Banff, Jasper and Yoho National parks. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and loves educating visitors on the natural wonders of the Canadian Rockies. Be sure to quiz Gina on anything and everything from park wildlife, history and geology.


Mark has spent the last few years in Banff snowboarding locally at Lake Louise  Ski Resort but previously completed seasons in Japan and Australia. He is a lover of snowboarding and mountain culture and has explored multiple resorts in France, Austria and Italy. Mark has an inborn aptitude for bringing people together and creating a great atmosphere while on tour. Known as a bit of a foodie, he loves dining out and always has the best spots lined up for dinner after a day on the slopes.


Kirsten has lived in the bow valley for five years. She has been ski instructing for over seven years and originally hails from South Africa. A fun loving girl with a huge personality Kristen is always smiling and knows our resorts like the back of her hand. She has completed multiple seasons in Australia and Canada and has ventured to resorts in both Japan and Europe.


Andrew hails from Ontario and has a degree in Outdoor Recreation. He has been both skiing and snowboarding since the age of four. Andrew loves sharing the beauty of the Canadian Rockies with people from all over the world! He has guided backcountry trips in whitewater canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, and backpacking. He recently spent a summer as a tour guide taking groups on eight-day adventures through the Canadian Rockies during summer.


Formerly from Ottawa, Kaitlyn has resided in Banff for six years, she's is a qualified yoga teacher and an avid adventurer. Kaitlyn previously lived in Australia where she was relocated with Lululemon to help open up stores along the east coast. She enjoys hiking, snowboarding, travelling and photography. To keep fit Kaitlyn loves running and regularly participates in the Banff Half Maraton event.